Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just waiting around...

Waiting around for your little sister can be so hard. Will she fall from the sky???

Kirra and her new necklace as well as some bangs. Her hair was always in her eyes but she hated me trying to fix it each day so she could see. So off they went. Much better...but it makes her look so much older.

Cohl...he has gone in and out of liking to smile for the camera. This was a great day to get a good pic of him. Our big, big brother with a lot of taking care of to look forward to.

Time to brush teeth. Let's see 'em.

Cohl also got a new hair cut. I wish we knew how to give good stylish haircuts but the buzz is all we've got...and it's FREE.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kirra Michelle Turns 2

Kirra turns two. Now that the party is over we are ready to welcome Jenna.
Kirra looked so cute in her self-proclaimed Cinderella dress at her party.

Kirra was very excited about her Cinderella cupcakes!

Kirra and Grandpa O'Hare having a tea party after all the guests had gone.

All tuckered out! Taking the opportunity for a cat nap with Uncle Henry and Auntie Abby.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Snow at Hume Lake Dec. 2006

Here is our trip to Hume Lake this past weekend. The kids had a blast in the snow. I think that overall Cohl enjoyed it a bit more. He ran, rolled, fell, threw and so on. But Kirra cried when David hit her in the leg with a snow ball. Oh, girls. :) She definitly liked the tube riding more. She loves things that are fast, upside-down and daring. Just don't throw something at her. I wasn't much help with Jenna sticking out there as she is, but I got some great pictures. I even got in a few.

Jenna 33 weeks

Here are Jenna and I. I am 33 weeks in this picture. It's funny that this picture actually makes me look smaller than I feel and than I look in person. A few more weeks to go now.

Welcoming 2007

Hello all! I am so excited to jump into the tech-ee world and have our very own family blog. With Jenna on her way we can keep you all more up to date on how we are as well as share pictures and stories of what's new with the five of us. Here is our first installment.