Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Photo shoot

Thanks Andrew! These turned out good but the resolution is not that great so they will not work for print. I wanted to share them anyhow, enjoy! Cohl and Kirra we NOT into "photo shoot time". Some of them are so funny 'cause David and I had a great time but they are mopey. Oh well, such is life with kids. :)

Christmas @ the Obwalds

Grandma Marilyn, Jenna, Cohl, Grandpa Sam, Trinity and Kirra.
Lisa and Todd and in this one as well as Grandma Alexander. This is Marilyn's mom and she is 103. That's right!
The girls.


David and I got to attend the Riverdance Farewell Tour with my mom, Jeff and Grandma Lois in December. (We took a quick pic before we went. It is so hard to get both of us in pictures these days.) Riverdance was amazing! Quite a show. We both loved it. The best part was the dance off. Two guys did Sammy Davis Jr. tapping and three Riverdance guys went back and forth for a really long piece. It was amazing footwork as well as really funny.

Yay! I found them.

These are the pictures that I thought I had lost but they have been found!

Could she be any more excited!!!