Thursday, May 19, 2011


precessional holding his hood
David with his parents after receiving his Master's Degree in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies from Fresno Pacific University

whoo hoo!!! hun you rock! way to perservere
the kids were pretty excited
getting hooded
that's him on stage being hooded

David's professors
The kids all tried on dad's hat in the courtyard where we used to live
those FPU days were awesome!
all 8 years :)

Griffith Park

train museum
huge old trains to view and go inside of
small train replica to ride around in
pony rides

Jenna and Cohl are on the trotting track but if you notice from the mane on Jenna's pony she is doing a bit more than trotting
(see short clip below)

Kirra took the walking trail
covered wagon ride

cute little Starbucks snack
those cakes on a stick are fun

Day at Sea World

the shows were amazing! the large sea mammals didn't seem real

this was a fun ride but I think the kids liked getting wet from others on the ride even more
baby croc, so cool

Jenna wasn't so sure about the large whale guy

such a fun time!
I have been talking to David about going down to Sea World since we got married
yay, check mark off the "I want to do that" list

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots of Field Trips

A Legoland must...
Kirra opted for angel this time
Jenna decided on the Candy Princess

It's Two-Face himself...
Cohl's turned out AMAZING!!

fun rides
fun times

thanks Nonno and Nonna!!