Saturday, October 18, 2008

Backyard Work

This is our yard before we bought the house.

B4: Notice Kirra coming out of hte caged-in patio.
AFTER: We cleared the patio, took down the cage and were given an old patio swing.

We put up the rock wall about the tree a while ago.
We put in this swervy river rock on the right to make a definite line between the grass and the covered patio (that will later be more cement, stained is what we would love to create more of a room feel).

We salvaged the brown and green trunk on the left from the pick up day in our neighborhood. I painted the front and top brown and then ran out of paint. So the green sides stay for now.

Second Game

Coach Sam, Coach Dave and Cohl
The whole team: Cohl, Nathan, Nathan, Aaron, Morgan
Cohl just kicked the ball, yes he has a green shirt on. For the second week in a row we have played another team from our own school so have the same uniforms. GO COHL!
Supporters. Last week all of thease supporters were also at the game as well as my dad. GO TEAM!

Random Update Pictures

David and I don't get in many pictures. This is from my birthday party at Round Table.
This one too.
The other night the girls were so cute in their beds. Jenna ended up almost all the way on Kirra's bed. These are supposed to be trundle beds that have yet to be put together. I wanted to paint the bed white before I put it in their room. So after months of figuring out what to do and them sleeping on one big uneven bed we are looking into getting bunkbeds.
This is Cohl with Buddy Bear. One kid in his class gets to take home the bear and a journal and they have to write what they do with the bear in the journal. So Cohl and Buddy Bear were posing in their jammies.
Kirra and Jenna are posing in their new leotards. As you may have noticed Kirra is not that thrilled to be posing but Jenna is having a ball.

This is Kirra doing "a move". Thanks Kirra for the effort. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Grandma Lois

Grandma and Cohl at his second birthday.

Grandma Lois, my stepdads mother, made her way to heaven this past week. She was an awesome woman who loved the Lord, others and gave of what she was blessed with. David was privileged to do her funeral ceremonies. David and I spent time with her in the past few weeks reading the Bible and praying for peace for her.

Death is such a weird thing. Although we all know that it comes for each of us at some point it is still hard when it does.

This is her high school picture I am pretty sure.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Game

Coach Sam and Cohl cheering on his team.
Coach giving a pep-talk
Nathan, Morgan, Cohl and Aaron (another Nathan is missing)
Yay Team!

warm-up before the game

Thursday, October 2, 2008

U6 Soccer

Cohl's first soccer practice. David and Sam are the coaches. We have practice number 2 tonight.
Kirra doesn't want to miss out on a picture opportunity.

Grandparents Day

At Cohl's school they celerated grandparents by having them all for breakfast. There were about 600 people there. The food...well we won't mention how horrible it was. A fun time inspite of the food.

Hangin' Around

This is actually in a really funny place. Right outside our front door you step down to the driveway and if you are not paying attention you may get hit by the garage door opening. So some were joking that these were the outlines of those hit by the door. That is not what I was thinking when we traced the kids. haha
My gardening helpers.
We don't often get them in the bath together. Those times are coming to an end soon.
I make them sit on this step when they are snacking and watching a show. I love when they all sit together.

Kirra is a danccing girl!

This one is a bit dark but my flash doesn't work that great inside their class. She is a great dancer. It is tap and ballet.
On this day Kirra was the only student that showed up so Jenna got to join in for part of it.

Cohl and Dad on their Bikes

Cohl and David love to ride bikes to school. They get to once or twice a week.