Monday, August 22, 2011

Cohl is 8

We are so excited to celebrate 8 years with our Cohly...what a guy!
He is already growing into such a responsible, confident and fun guy!
Here are some oldie but goodie pics of our guy from the FPU days.
Cohl's current interests are playing chess, swimming, playing soccer, wrestling with anyone who will let him, battling with Beyblades, playing the Wii and watching episodes of Bear Grills, Beyblades, The Pink Panther and The Cosby Show.
We love you so much Cohl and look forward to what God has in store for you this year!

Off to a GREAT start!!!

{we are starting our third week of school but I wanted to share this funny story
from a few weeks ago}
such a funny story...we are doing homeschool again this year and I threw the idea out that, "wouldn't it be funny to have uniforms..."

...well Kirra though that was a great idea and decided that her "First day of school" outfit was going to be a uniform. So of course Jenna wanted exactly what Kirra had and we just dressed Cohl with what he already had for the cute picture.
{so here is our crew, dog and all}

I guess she is our mascot :)