Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves!

We noticed that this year we are not living at a house that has any trees that loose their we asked David's parents to save up. They held off the raking and we went over for some fun!

Here are each of the kids in action. They took a running start from the sidewalk and got air!

I love it when God's creation makes for a TON of fun!

Busy Daisy Troop

Kirra's Daisy (Girl Scout) Troop was very busy this past Christmas blessing people all over town. This instance was at the VA Hospital. Our troop adopted a tree at their facility and decorated it. They put on hand-made ornaments and garland. The girls did a great job, and even got a patch for doing it.

There was an unexpected visit from Santa (AKA Kirra's Gpa O'Hare). The girls were super excited and all rotated in picture taking with Santa in front of the tree.

Of course the sibs joined in

First time with lights on our house!

We were pretty excited to have icicle lights on our house this year. We have avoided them for cost and hassle, and the kids didn't really care until the last year or two. So this year our sweet friends came with light and helping hands. I must say, it did make my hear t sing to see them up.

Thanks Hale and Beth!

Lone Star Christmas Program

Nonna came to support the kids at their Christmas Program with Lone Star. It was our first time to WAMS (the middle school). It's quite a place. (As usual, there was not one pic of the kids with Nonna that Jenna actually had her eyes open, so at least she's smiling)

the fam

Cohl with his 2nd grade teacher (1st semester) Mrs. Ueki. She was really great. I really enjoyed helping in the classroom.

Kirra with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gassett. She was equally as awesome! She was so patient as Kirra had a bit of a hard time adjusting to such a big group of kiddos. I helped in her class as well and loved to watch her patiently teach her class.

This is the girls hair, ready for a dressed up evening...before they got it all cut off. And, might I add, awesome bows courtesy of Fig and Ruby: aka Colleen's awesomeness :)

I got pretty good at braids when Jenna had long hair. She loved everyday.

Cohl's room

We have Cohl's room mostly finished...just a few things on the walls. But honestly that might never happen. His headboard is up and his letter on the wall. He loves it and we do too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Kirra!

What an amazing little gift Kirra Michelle has been to our lives. Six years ago she burst into the world and has sparkled ever since. She is an amazing girl who has such a big heart for others. I remember thinking when I was pregnant with Kirra, before I knew she was a she, that I didn't care how many boys the Lord brought us I wanted at least one girl. Well, she is all girl and so much fun!

Thank you Kirra for being such an amazing blessing to everyone who meets you. We look forward to what this year holds for you!

Fun facts about Kirra: She loves to sing, dance, play instruments and has great rhythm. She loves colorful things, things that sparkle, things that shine...She loves to cuddle up and read a book, she loves to talk about space, the stars, the sun and the planets. Kirra also loves to help others. God has definitely given her a heart of compassion!