Friday, May 15, 2009

Whew! She made the cut!

Well after a long week of me being very sick with strep throat we have decided to keep Biscuit. I was not up to another needy thing while being sick but when I was resting, trying to recover, David was bonding with little Bisky. So he convinced me that she was a good addition  to the she stays. :) Funny how we work sometimes. I did the convincing before we got her the get her and he did the convincing after she was here to keep her. 
Oh Blah Dee Oh bBah Da, Life Goes on... :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Africa Pics

They are getting closer to coming to the blog. They are on David's computer somewhere. I will try to post them soon so you can see what we actually did while we were gone.

Last Fall's photo shoot

these are some of our favorites! I have been wanting to share them but they are on David's computer. Enjoy! (not sure why this is underlined.)

Bye Bye Bow-Wow

So after a good try we may be giving little Biscuit back. We tried but are just not dog people. She is the cutest thing, she has that going for her, but just not for us. The kids are not even sad which we thought they would be. Anyone want an adorable puppy?? She is a Terrier/Pug mix. See pictures on a previous entry to check her out.