Friday, February 22, 2008

Jenna and Cake

Our little Jenna turns 1 on February 4th. No more babies. Wow!

Jenna and her friend Julie.

The set up. It was a lady bug theme and my good friend Lisa made all of the sweets.

Jenna and Auntie Lisa.

Little Walker. She started walking the week of her birthday and has not stopped. She has been out of this world. She is quite the climber. She started climbing and walking the same week.

Kirra took over one of Jenna's gifts.

The end of a LONG week of moving and birthday.

Happy Birthday to Kirra

Mini cupcakes for Kirra's party. One little bite of sugar for each kiddo.
Kirra and Hannah enjoying their cupcakes. The other game we played was "Candle Hunt." We hid about 100 little candle pics around the house and the kids went on a hunt. See the little candles on the table.
Kendall Bell
Peyton Bell
We got Kirra this dress-up dress for her birthday.
Kirra is here playing "Pin the flame on the candle." She picked candle invitations for her party so we did thematic games.
Big brother Cohl and his crazy face and long hair.
Here is Kirra's bestest friend Hannah.
James taking his turn.
The troops, four families and 9 kids. Watch out!

We're Back

We have been "under construction" once again. Didn't we just do this?? The answer is YES! So, we moved across the street the first week of February, still at Fresno Pacific but we will be here until July 2008. Then we're on the move again. :) Isn't this fun. Actually it has been quite a hard transition with the move, both of our girls birthday parties and the thought of buying our first home, with the eminent job change. I think we are off the charts on the stress chart. But as we calm ourselves, try not to focus too much on the things we cannot change and enjoy the process. In the midst of that the house is BIGGER, big yay, and our internet is now faster. So there are bonuses. New and past pictures to come.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh me, Oh my...Cohl!

Last Saturday morning David and I slept in, Kirra and Cohl were awake watching Jimmy Newtron. David gets up about 8:10 am and hear Kirra call out to Cohl, "Cohl, I need more ice cream." He quickly responds, "Okay", and proceeds to get Kirra more of both kinds of ice cream from the freezer with the stool. At least he shared with his sister and was helping her. It is cute but lead to much more in the days to come.

Monday we were at my mom's house and she made them "hot chocolate" for snack. Well Cohl had some left and I put it on the counter for later. Later came and my mom and I were sewing in the back and Cohl came in to let us know that he was making the rest of his hot chocolate. I followed him into the kitchen to find him getting the stool once again. Her microwave is high, adult height. So he was about to get his cup out of the mocrowave with HOT chocolate. I freaked out and didn't let him of course. I looked into the micro and the coco had boiled over and was all over the glass tray. It was in a plastic, non-micro safe cup. I asked Cohl how long he put it on for and he said, "I just pushed the 1." On her micro you can put the 1-2 or 3 and get that many minutes by just pushing the number. So he put about 4 oz. of coco on for 1 minute. I flashed forward in my mind to him burned and us at the hospital. I know any of you with kids have done that before. He is just getting so big and he is very observant but that is such a BIG NO NO!

Last night I saw him with the stool again. Now I am keeping an eye on the stool...he was in my bedroom with the door slightly shut. Behind the door is where our medicine is in a high cabinet. So I asked him to come out and he said,"I know I am not supposed to get that so I didn't." But...he wanted to and was going to. He was trying to get these Triamenic cold strips that I got back in December when they were all sick and I did not yet know that it was our house making them sick. Anyhow they are all "sick" with a cough again and he thought he would help himself to the meds. Oh me, oh my! I am exctied for the upcoming move so hopefully their coughs related to this house will go away.

Tonight I went in to brush Kirra's teeth before bed. I took notice to the lack of tooth paste in the kid's tube. Cohl has coincidentially been a great tooth brusher this week. So he has been randomally been brushing his teeth all week. I am just laughing while I write this because he is sneaky and thinks he gets away with things. Anyhow he has been going into their bathroom and eating the toothpaste. WOW what kids do that they think is a good idea.

I am sure there will be many more great stories to come!