Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Muddy Day

Fun times in the mud.
No, that's not a shirt on Cohl it's mud.
The boys had thier shirts off so Kirra wanted to do the same.

8th Street

Here is the house we are in the process of buying. It is so weird. Anyhow this is the front. Behind that little tree that has blossomed is the garage. You go into it sideways.
This is a better view of going onto the driveway that angles right. The front door is behind that dark part near the garage door. They have a security door that covers the whole entry way. We're not sure if we are going to keep that since it blocks the angle and leaves the front very plain. The two windows on the left side are covered by solar screens so they are very dark. This side faces the west. We want to take those off and put new white-edged windows and cute shutters there. This is a perfect driveway for our newly acquired basketball hoop.
This is the front room when you first walk through the front door. You can see how it steps down. The kids loved that part. There is a fireplace insert on the left and the old fireplace hole on the right. We will put the wood in there. That is what they did. It no longer goes up to the chimney. But I think we will get a cute screen to cover that ugly gold door.
The other half of the front room. We love those windows, they look to the backyard.
The living spaces make a circle around the fireplace. So the front room you just saw is on the opposite side from the kitchen and the dining room and what we will make the office are between them. It makes for nice flow through the house and a good running track for the kids.

The back yard is funny. There are about 14 Sego Palms randomly scattered throughout the yard. So we may sell them. We will be pulling out everything that is there.You can see here how there is a large covered patio but most of it lacks any sort of floor. Some of it is cemented but we want to make the whole thing consistant. So we will be doing quite a bit of work in the yard. We are actually excited about it.