Saturday, June 13, 2009


hangin' at the pool with his new shark-tooth necklace from Hawaii. (gma and gpa Obwald just returned)
yum-O @ Trin's bday party

Dad and Cohl boogie-boarding at Avila Beach. Cohl's first time in a wet suit. So cute...I mean manly :)

Cohl @ Joseph's bday party (from his class at school)

Cohl and Gannon after their Memorial Day performance at school. All three K classes sang three songs for the parents with their fire cracker hats

Eech kid is GIANT of THE WEEK. This is Cohl's borad we decorated.

I pretty much let him pick his outfits for school. We went through about 1 month of picking two different shoes and two different socks...whatever.

Muffins with Mom at Cohl's school. I love my boy!


notice David's clothes are soaked from water balloon at our friend's house. Dad is trying to convince Kirra to come and get me wet.
cute double french braids and new shirt Nonna whipped up on the sewing machine

Kirra and mom just before her BTB performance. she got to wear makeup

same night
new sun glasses on her way to the pool next door

Kirra and dad had a bike riding date. They rode around the neighborhood taking pictures of the pretty flowers they found. (what a fun free date)

Kirra's new shirt


yummy ice cream @ cousin Trinity's 3rd birthday
lovin' on her puppy

ta da (Avila Beach)

her latest dance move

helping out at Serve Day with The Well. She amazed me. I know she has energy but this day was over and above. Jenna and i planted and hauled stuff for 2 hours. (It was the weekend when it was 105) She fell asleeep in the stroller from the sidewalk to the car. :)

yay Dad!