Friday, February 25, 2011

Kirra's Ace of Cakes party

Each girl decorated their own small cake

aprons on, ready to frost...they had the best time!

Family party 2011

Here is the LARGE cake that my mom and I made that the girls shared. This is them taking turns with their candle on the cake.

Then cake looked amazing, tasted great but proceeded to fall like the Tower of Pisa after we took out the first slice. It was hilarious. My mom was slicing and I was holding the sides together with salad tongs. I would have loved a video or picture but I was holding the cake and the there 10 people there were laughing so hard that no one thought of it :)

{before frosting, you can see the four layers...strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and confetti}

{sorry, I don't know how to rotate the video,I am just excited that I am actually posting}

For Kirra's birthday party she wanted to do Ace of Cakes, so we bought six different kinds of cakes and got to baking. With the leftover cakes we make a four tiered cake for the family party. This is the girls talking about it and the super cute cake.

Jenna turns 4 on Feb 4th!

Daddy always makes the kids and family birthday pancakes, minnie pancakes in this case, we sing and start the big day.

This particular day we watched reruns of Inspector Gadget on hulu. Love those classics!
Jenna is ready for her special birthday outing with Paige...
off to Build-a-Bear.

The girls were not scared to walk through the mall, bears in tow.
Stuffing her super cute bear
Here is what we ended up with
Then it was off to lunch at CPK, her choice. This is her empty ice cream sundae cup. I did not actually think she could eat the whole thing.
Big 4 year old!
I can't believe my baby girl is four. Jenna has been such a fun part of our lives, never a dull moment with this little one. There is a sparkle about her that is so special.

Thank you Jenna-B for stretching me to be more fun, laugh more and cherish each day!