Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day with the Obwalds

Grandma and Jenna hanging out.

The boys washing the van...and themselves. They had a great time spraying each other with the hose.

Like father, like son.

On his way

Cohl loves to do computer games on our "pecuter". He loves Sesame Street and PBS Kids. He can do the mouse himself.

Catching a HUG

We bought our first TV the other day. Here was Cohl's reaction to watching the new 27 inch TV. "Why is it so BIG?" We have had 3 TVs in our married life, given to us by friends and family, and finally bought our own. We have been blessed yet again.

Zoo Day

Cohl goes to Break the Barriers for gymnastics every Monday morning. There was no class the week of Easter so we took the kids to the zoo. The kids that are the same height are in the class, the others are siblings. (from L to R: Issac, Iris, Natasha, Cohl, Brittany, Kirra, Juliette)

Our Princess

We are so blessed to have great friends in the Banmans and Madsens that send us tons of dresses and dress-up outfits for our girls! We love you all and Kirra LOVES her dresses! She wears a dress everyday!!! No kidding :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007