Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cohl's First day of K

He tried on 4 shirts before he was set for the day.
Cool Batman backpack from Gpa O'Hare for his bday (lunch pack to match)
Fun times before we head off
Getting set in his class. Only one boy cried. Not too bad.
We all picked Cohl up and went to Yodigity for a treat after school.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Eaton Eagles Whew Hew!!!

We went to Back 2 School Night for Cohl the other day. It was fun to be there. I can't believe that he is off to Kindergarten this coming Monday. What a big guy.

This is Cohl and his new friend Gannon. We actually were in the college group with his parents at Ev Free. Small world. They are in the same class. They have had a good time playing together the past few weeks. We randomly knew four families in their class.Cohl

9 years!

Wow...9 years for David and Erin Obwald. How time flies!

We celebrated by going to Cohl's Back 2 School Night for Eaton Elementary, then grabbing a late dinner @ 9pm at Chipotle and a Jamba Juice. Then home to watch the Olympics and bed. Very exciting! Even those things are fun to do together at this point.
Earlier in the day the kids and I went to church and decorated the windows on David's car with shoe polish. Then since he brought his lunch that day and did not have any appointments I called him at lunch to see how he was. I told him that my friend was at church and said his lights were on. He went outside right away, I was still on the phone, and saw the car. I think he liked it.
Then he surprised me when he got home he brought me 3 plants that we have been looking at for our yard and pout them on the porch. I LOVE them. I planted them today (even though it was about 107) and LOVE that they bring color to the front of our house.

Play time

Hannah came over to play the other day. And dressup was first on the list of course.
Then some play in our new tug boat and slide. We got both for $5 at a yard sale around the block.

Sister all clean and in jammies.
Don't you just love kiddos in jammies :)

First People

Kirra came up to me with this drawing the other day. All of the sudden she drew a recognizable person. Great job Kirra!
sisters :):)
Jenna taking her try at coloring. I drew the loopy line there as an example.
Kirra's second person. This one even has a body, glasses, hair and ears. So cute!
Cohl and I were practicing telling time. He got that right away because he gets to play computer games each day @ one o'clock. No matter where we are if he sees that it is one o'clock he says it's computer time.

Knotts Berry Farm

Back in July my mom took the big kids and I to Knotts for the first time. We had a great time.
This is right when we arrived...ready set go!
Kirra loved the characters and the dancing shows. This is Sally from Charlie Brown for those of you who are wondering. I couldn't remember any of the Snoopy characters names. Thank goodness they had posters everywhere.
Both kids had a great time on the rides.
One of Cohl's favs was the airplane that went up and down. Kirra loved the kid roller coaster. She giggled outloud the whole time. I ended up laughing at her laughing. Kid's laughs are contagious.
We had a late dinner across the street. Whew, what a day.