Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hilarious Story #2

I was doing an ab workout video this morning...on the raod to a fitter me. :) Cohl woke up as it was starting and sat down to watch me and the video. This is how much he likes TV and movies...he's watch anything. So as the video went on the guy leading it pulled up his shirt a bit to see how your abs "should" look and to see how they are moving. Cohl was watching the video while the guy lifted his shirt then he looked over at me. (I had a sports bra and shorts on so he could see my abs too.) I could tell he was thinking something so I asked him, "Cohl does my tummy look like that guys?" His quick response was, "No." Then we both laughed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hilarious Story

Just another day with the Obwald kids...

I had Cohl, Kirra and Jenna at the chiropractor today and Cohl says to me just as the doc was walking in, "Mom, I don't have any chonies (underwear) on, just shorts." The doc and I laughed. I asked him if was serious and he said yes.

Then much later in the day I was in our bathroom, which Cohl likes to use, and I looked down at the basket we keep extra rolls of toilet paper in. I notice a pair of Cohl's underwear under one of the rolls. I just gave it a glance and thought, "That's odd."

Then it all came back to me from earlier in the day when he said he didn't have any on at the chiropractor's office. He took them off while he was in there and put them under the toilet paper so we wouldn't know. I laugh as I write this because it is so funny that to imagine what was going through his little mind.

He is pretty sneaky sometimes. Man kids are funny!
Have a great day!

Summer Fun!

We are just LOVING our backyard! The facilities department put in this old science room sink and cabinet on part of the back porch. We have already had a many times of water balloon-filling and mud fun. When the pool is closed we cool off like this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our First Family Meeting

We have decided to have a family meeting every week. So for fun I thought we would all dress up for the first one. This is what we came up with.

I am a tennis player.

David is a gangster (fitting for our area of town :).

Cohl has a pirate hat on, his favorite T-Rex shirt, his tennis racquet and the knife sharpener as a pirate sword.

Kirra is a ballerina with water shoes on as dancing shoes and her Cinderella wand.

Jenna is just in the picture and not crying. It was quite a production dressing all of us and she just had to show up in whatever she already had on.

It has been so much fun.

Kirra got her turn with the knife sharpener as the sword.

At the family meetings we do all sorts of fun things. First we start out with a clap thing we made up. Then the Chairperson starts the meeting. You are eligible to be Chairperson when you are 4 years old. So for now David and I rotate and Cohl will soon be joining the rotation in August. We go around and give everyone a compliment or say why we are thankful for them. Then we talk about concerns or agenda items. We may need to work on something or talk about something. Last time we practiced what to do in case of a fire and how to answer the door. Then we talk about weekly "helping jobs" and then plan and activity for the week.

Friday, June 15, 2007

New House -- Before and After

Hi all. Well we are finally settled and well. After we moved in we all got sick and are now recovering. Here are the before and after pictures so you can see what we have seen. It's has been amazing! We have been blessed beyond what we could have imagined. Thank you FPU!!!

These two first pictures are the before pictures of our new house. They decided to paint the outside as well as the inside. There was also a horrible tree in between the two windows. It was one of those ugly, dense, pointy trees. Anyhow a very odd place to put one of those trees. So they took it out for me. The stump is still there but that does not bother me. I meant to take a picture of it before they cut it down to show just how ugly it was but I forgot.


The before and after dining room area. All of the before pics for each room will be first and you will probably be able to tell the after.

New carpet in the whole house and new ceiling fan. (New lighting in the whole house too. Just not the kitchen.) Also new window covering...updated. Love it! We also got a new area rug for the potential under table mess. Three times per day food is dorpped. No stains so far.

David also repainted our table black. We left the chairs thinking that it would be a bit too much of the dark color with the chocolate rug under.
You will see just beyond the table we decided to have the kids play area instead of giving up the other bedroom. David was set against the kids toys being in the living room. So they are there. It has worked out great! They have a place of their own. Also as you will see their bedroom is too small to have all of their toys.

There will be one more frame for Jenna's picture here when we get it. For now these are the ones we had up in our living room in the apartment.

This is from the back door that leads to the backyard. We have a built-in hutch.

I have been able to display all of the vases and glass pitches that we have. I did not even know that I had them because they were all packed away. Pretty funny.


David in the kitchen when there was still one student living in the house. You can't tell from this picture but there is a hole just beyond the sink where a dishwasher can go.

Not much change here. OTHER THAN A DISHWASHER!!! (See it? It's black) That's right. We were given a brand-new dishwasher by some of David's great friends parents. The boys have both been RAs for David over the past four years. That was amazing! It just added to the blessing of it all! We run it often! :)
They were going to put in new flooring in here but it cleaned up well and was not too old.

LIVING ROOM Not many changes here but carpet and paint make a great difference.We also got a new TV a while ago so that's nice.
This is another built-in that is in the living room. We have never been able to display things like this because every ounce has been used for storage. It is fun to look at.

Kid's room before and after. We still want to figure out some decorations for their room and window covering. Not sure when that will take place.

We decided to have all of the kids share a room still. All they do is sleep in there and with three bedrooms I was set on having an office. The office used to be in our room taking up way too much space. So with the trundle bed for the older kids and Jenna in the crib they fit just fine. When the beds are all pulled out there is not a whole lot of walking space. I stubbed my toes four times the first night trying to put their clothes in their closet.

KID'S BATHROOMNothing really changed here, just cute curtain and bathmat for the kids. They love "Their bathroom." OFFICEThis was a third bedroom that is now our office. This is pretty much the last room we need to finish organizing. So forgive the mess and just get the feel for a lot of this being in our bedroom at the apartment. NO LONGER!

Tons of storage. These cabinets above are huge and are also in the kids room above their closet.OUR ROOMWe love having a room with only our bedroom furntiure in it. Also our closet is now so spacious. I, mostly, decided to leave our closet doors off so that we can get a good idea where things are and not have to always be fussing with the doors. Because this closet is so long there are three sliding doors. I was anticipating being very frustrated with that.


It's closet size but it's there in our room! Yay! We even got a brand-new toilet. Who knew a new toilet would be so exciting. They put in new flooring in here and painted. Also there is new lighting. With the old lighting you could not even see in the shower. It was very dark. Also there were those square mirrow pieces with marbled brown paint covering most of the walls. Pretty bad! So those came down and they put in a new medicine box (which I got to pick out) and covered the old hole with another mirror. It was next to the sink on the right wall. Very odd. You would have to crane your neck to see yourself. Some people have the strangest ideas about decorating.

Kirra and dad cleaning out the garage before we bring over all of our other things. And a HUGE P.S. we now have our very own washer and dryer in the garage. I LOVE say the least!