Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Came a Bit Early

This is our new dog. Haven't quite settled on a name. She is so cute and sweet. She is probably a cocker terrior mix, 10 lbs.
She fell asleep next to the girls while we watched a movie tonight.
Jenna kept saying, "I can't believe you got me a dog for Christmas." (The dog is for everyone :)
They were all super excited.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
Black Cat

friends over to trick-or-treat

what a great time we had with great friends and family

Pumpkin Carving-2010

Jenna observes the innards of the pumpkin coming out...what a face
We had so much fun at our neighbor's house carving pumpkins
Cohl's scary face
Kirra's scared cat
Jenna's scared ghost
The pumpkins turned out so fun...the kids helped a little but enjoyed the outcome

Friday, October 22, 2010

Funky Hair Day

We had some fun with lots of bobby pins the other day

Could she get more awkward?? Love this little spice!
Sweet Pea!

A Castle in CA

Here is Cohl standing beside one of the many nights at the Eagle Castle Winery.
David did a wedding for some friends here in Fresno, but they chose this awesome winery near Paso to get married. The kids thought it was the cooooolest thing. We thought it was pretty cool too.
On our way. Kids in the way back with a movie on the laptop in the middle and us in the front reading through Luke for The Academy
Great trip for my birthday!

Dancing girls

Kirra and Jenna are in dance again. They dance all the time and "practice their moves" together.

Go Team!

Cohl is having the best time on his soccer team this year. U8

Mathematician Among Us...

Cohl got the mathematician award for his class for the first part of school. Go Cohl! (He is 4th from the L, top row)

Monday, October 18, 2010

She's official

It was Donuts with Dad at the big kid's school so David came home and took Jenna out too. Then we were off to get our fingerprints done for adoption stuff and they did Jenna's too. She was so excited and had SOOOOO many questions. Here she is with her print out of the digital fingerprints and her little Sheriff sticker.
Here we are at The Packing Shed in SE. We saw the cutest table of old guys who seem to meet there everyday for coffee and donuts.

Yay! Trees

We planted two trees in our backyard a few weeks ago. It's amazing what a little foliage does. It was so cute that the girls were admiring their dad workin' the pick ax on good 'ol Fresno hard pan.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Settling In

Hi there folks
There has not been a lot going on around here...oh wait I guess there is.
Soccer practice and games
Dance lessons
Girl Scouts
Life Group
Academy class
Projects around the house
Painting with the kids
Pokemon on the Wii
and Erin turns 32...yikes!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Precious little guy

Welcome Baby Jett!
Look at that dark hair!
Such a precious little one...it is a MIRACLE EVERY TIME!!! God is good to us that we get to be a part of and enjoy His creation!

Slowly but surely

This is all of the ribbon I have left from making the girl's letters that hang in their room
I am slowly getting their room decor done. I finished the pillow covers about a month ago.
Now the letters to match. I am contemplating a short curtain for the top of their window. We'll see. Their walls need some love.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Cohl!

Happy Birthday Buddy! 7 years ago God introduced us to Cohl. What an amazing day! We have so enjoyed being his parents and are continuing to learn how to parent an energetic, super smart and observant boy. He can make a friend with anyone and has become such a role model in his class already. He is a joy to be around. He was such a great encourager of his sister Kirra this year when she started school that it gives us hope for him looking out for both sisters as they get older. He has a sensitive side about him that makes you just want to squeeze him. One of our all-time favorite quotes of Cohl's is when his response to us saying, "come on outside," was," I'm and inside guy." You see he was thinking about playing on the computer...and he was only 4. We still laugh about that. He has become such a fantastic swimmer and loves to play soccer. We are excited to see how God will shape him and what this year holds for him.
We were finally able to do an outside party this year at one of the local "splash parks". The kids were nice and cool but we parents baked.
Fun with friends.
Cohl's first BMX bike from mom and dad

Off to School Again

Cohl off to 2nd grade!

Kirra off to Kindergarten!

Cohl standing in line ready for 2nd grade.

11 Years and Counting...

We celebrated 11 years this past August!
This was the funniest thing. We went on a walk in Monterey and these seals had taken over these little boats.
After seeing this picture I thought to myself, "I think I was wearing this same shirt last year when we took this picture...and I think you were wearing that same sweatshirt." We went to the same house, thanks to our sweet and generous friends. Well I guess we're consistent if not anything else. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We had a wonderful time at Hume Lake with some fun family!
Uncle Jason, David, Kirra, and Uncle Herny went for a round of frisbee golf.
This is most of us stretched out INSIDE a fallen tree trunk at Grant's Grove. Pretty cool place.
Go Mom! We are climbing INSIDE a tree trunk.
Cohl climbed through about 4 times.
We all did it! And not one scrape.
This is the kids showing how dirty they got. Look closely at their faces and hands.
The Tallest Tree and us :)
Fun at the cabin before bed. The girls went upstairs and came down like this.
My mom and I took the girls horseback riding one morning while Cohl went to Day Camp at Hume. They did AWESOME!
Kirra's horse was named Bull Winkle. He was the laziest horse. My mom really had to pull him along. It was hilarious. Jenna's horse was named Willie. While Jenna was riding she said,"Mom, my horse is so big and I am so tiny."

This bear was hanging on the wall right where you sit on the couch. Sort of hard to sit right under it. Raaar!

All in all, GREAT vacation!