Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jenna Sitting

It is amazing how something like sitting changes everyday life for a baby. Jenna is sitting now, still falling over now and then, but now she can sit and play with the kids. Here they are reading bedtime stories with dad.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Jenna is on her way. She is sitting in the bath now. It is saving my back. Yay!
I have this same picture of both of the other kids in blk and white for thier bathroom. If I can locate the other two I will put them next to this one. I love the same photo of different kids to compare. :)
Cohl and Kirra took it upon themselves to wash Jenna. They loved it and thought it was very exciting and funny that she was in their bath.

Gone Bananas

Jenna is at the stage when everything goes in her mouth. So I thought I would see if I put smashed up bananas on her tray if they would make their way into her mouth. Nope. Just a mess. But it seems like she had fun. :)

"Dancin' Queen"

Kirra is ready to go to her dance class.
She HATES me doing anything to her hair. telling her that ballerinas wear buns got this hairdo up for about 1 hour. And she liked it. Fianlly.I had her dance around while I snapped pics.