Monday, November 24, 2008

Daddy Daughter Date

David took Kirra on a Date this morning.
Jenna wanted in the picture too.

Great Friends!

Jim and Dawn Madsen and their girls were here having Thanksgiving with their family this past weekend. So we got to see them on Friday and Sunday. It was so great to catch up. Dawn and I do Juice Plus together but our families don't always get to see each other. Their girls are getting so big! Alyssa is 7 (L) and Katelyn is 5 (R).

Our First Tree

David got me a tree for my birthday. We took a while to decided what we wanted and got it and planted it the other day. We are SO excited. It is a Tulip Tree. It does not have tulips on it but looks kind of like tulip in shape. The leaves are a beautiful fire orange/red in the fall.

Sprinklers in November

It was so warm the other day that the girls ran in the sprinklers.Then I raked some leaves and they played in them. CRAZY!

Kirra's Special Quilt

My mom has always been a quilter. She made each of the kids a crib size quilt when they were born. Now we are on to big kid quilts. She started Kirra's quilt about 2 years ago. It is finished and fabulous!!!

This is the whole quilt hanging from the top of the bunk bed.

The light pink sides are chanelle.Here is a close-up of each girl. We designed each one to be unique, It's hard to see but each one has some sort of fun embellishment. This one above has pink pearls.
This one has little lime green buttons and little pink crystals on the skirt.

This one has buttons and a strip of little beads along the top of the cape.

This last one has rose buds.

This is the back of the quilt.

Bunk Beds for the girls too!

This is the girl's room BEFORE. Their beds were on the floor because we never put the trundle bed together. I wanted to paint it white before we got it in there. WEll I finally got the paint and then couldn't find all of the pieces.

So with the size of their room we decided to get bunkbeds. We found these on Craig's List. Yay!
So much better! Now their room is not such of a mish-mosh of random furniture.

Veteren's Day Parade

We had a fun time at the longest Veteren's Day parade this side of the Mississippi. And it was LONG!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daddy Push-ups

Whenever David tries to do push-ups the kids hop on. I guess then maybe he has to do less of them. :)


Cohl took this picture
Andrew and Kobi came over for the day. This is Andrew playing in the mud.

Cohl and Kobi

Jenna, Andrew, Kirra, Kobi and Cohl having their morning shakes.

Another day Hudson, Hannah, James and Julie were over to play.

Jenna with some snacks. She loves to eat!

Cohl, Hannah, Kirra, James, Julie, Jenna and Hudson all ready for bed before the friends go home. What fun! All of the dads were at Jared's bday party so the mommies and kids came over to play and eat.

Jenna and Julie. They are 3 months apart.

Halloweeen 2008

These are the original costumes. Cohl was a Blue Power Ranger. Kirra was one of Tinker Bell's friends, Silvermist and Jenna had one of her leotards on for the picture.Cohl stayed with Blue Ranger

Jenna ended up wearing a Tinker Bell costume for a party but it was too small and then ended up with the ballerina at the end for trick-or-treating.

Kirra decided to take back the Silvermist costume and be SUPER GIRL! Way cuter!

This is on our porch with the pumpkins they each designed.