Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Uncle Tony...
and grandpa over for a visit.

Cool kids

Tatoos from the Ranchwood Carnival

Another curly girl

Jenna seems to have Kirra's curls.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Their Words

Here are some of the funny things our kids have said in the recent past.

COHL--I had asked Cohl if he liked where we live. His response was this...(keep in mind we have been talking to the kids about how we will be moving soon into a new house and that they will tear down where we currently live with big tractors and trucks.)
Cohl said,"And when we move into our house the police man and the T-Rex will come and bam down our house...(pause) "Yeah," matter-a-factly. Then we drove up to our current parking spot and Cohl said,"There's a police man right there." He noticed one of the facility workers with his cart doing some work near our apartment. I said,"Where?" He said,"Right there mom."Then I figured out that he thinks that the facility workers are police men. Pretty funny.

Cohl loves his baby sister. He often still calls her Jenni-Jenni. He also says,"Jenna, I'm right here," when she is crying. Today he watched about 30 minutes of Elmo with Jenna on his lap. They both love to hold her!

KIRRA--Kirra loves to dance, tumble and wear dresses. She also still LOVES to be carried and held. That has been a little difficult since Jenna's arrival. So her common phrases are:
(I have included the words just how she pronounces them :)
"Dance wiss me"

"I wan uuuup"

"Where's my baby?" Speaking of Jenna

"Mom, Ho-ee (Cohl) pushed me like this, uhh." (When she says "uhh" she pokes herself just how she thinks Cohl did. It is quite comical!)

(These pictures are from last semester)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You've been SLIMMED!

Echoing my friend's comments about her kids being so big all of the sudden, I feel the same way! Cohl has taken another leap in understanding and ability. It seems like they do that about every 4-6 months. So here we are at the zoo during our spring break. It was a beautiful day so we took advantage of it!

Showing off their new summer hats.

Cohl and David are feeding the giraffes. They got slimmed by it's MASSIVE tongue. It is a cool thing for the kids to get to do but a bit messy. This is the daddy giraffe. We all know giraffes are tall but I never gave much thought to how HUGE their heads were. When you get right up close to them it is shocking! (Cohl chose the red font for his giraffe picture. His favorite color is red.)

Kirra only fed the giraffe this one branch. They she said,"Dad, you do it." (Pink font for Kirra of course.)

Jenna -- 5 weeks

We are all snuggled up ready to go outside and play on the tennis courts. Jenna didn't do much playing though.

Daddy and Jenna gazing into each other's eyes. She is sure a smile-ee girl!

Yea, her eyes are open.

Our two girls. That's just weird to say...our girls.