Saturday, March 28, 2009


Each year we try to get to the snow. We usually end up at Jay and Jen Johnson's house at Hume Lake. We love seeing them and playing near their house. Here are a few pics from that trip They are ready to go!

This year we got to go with another family too. The Young family joined us. This is Kirra and Angela.
Andrew Young, David and Jay Johnson.

Because of the snow being very hard this is all we could get for our snowman. We still use the snowman kit the Kirkners got us a few years ago for Christmas. This snowman looks like he is melting.

Joshua and Angela on our melting snowman after a long day.


"Jenna Jumping Bean" as we like to call her started gymnastics this past January at Break the Barriers. This was her first day.Kirra and Jenna are going warm-up stretches.Ciliming after her turn on the bars.
Whoa, whoa...steady. Jenna on the beam.

Reaching for those rings.

2009 So Far, PART 1

**Since we have not made photo updates in a while (due to electronic issues) we thought we would catch you up a bit.

The girls helped David with yard work. They were in charge of smashing down the leaves in the bin. We have never had an automan so we bought one at the Neighborhood Thrift Store (non-profit of The Well) for $7 and recovered it. The fabric was 50% off so we did the whole thing for $37. We love it and it spices up our living room too!

My mom took Kirra and I to The Nutcracker downtown. It was so fun. Kirra said that the funniest part was when mommy and nonna fell asleep. We did in fact fall asleep for a few minutes. It was very warm on the balcony.

After the performance Kirra got to take a picture with just about every person in the ballet. She just loved seeing them up close.
Right before Christmas the SE campus of The Well sang carols at Raintree Convalescent Hospital. It was a great community building event for the church as well as a fun thing for the residents. These are the kids that came.

YAY! Finally a landscaped front yard.

This is before we put in the plants and new tree. We cleared TONS of weeks, created some small hills of dirt and reshaped the lawn.
AFTER: We also brought in some rocks that were there when we bought the house.

This is a Chinese Pistash Tree. It already has new growth.

We did mainly purple flowering bushes in the front. I love that we have some color.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

coming soon

don't miss updates on our new landscaping

Long Time NO Type

Hello family and friends
We have had a great beginning to 2009...but very busy! My computer was on the fritz so that is reason for no updates as of late. It also did not sync with my new camera so that solved that, no picture updates.
So a quick wordy update:
David: doing a lot of weddings from this next weekend through June, loving the SE campus of The Well, getting to know more guys though his morning life group and loving on his family.

Erin: back at Juice Plus and loving sharing with others how to live healthier lives and start thriving home businesses of their own, on the go with kid's activities, finishing up this year's Moms-N-More with The Well, enjoying the weather while gardening with the whole family, fixing things here and there at our home.

Cohl: Loving Kindergarten at Eaton, learning how to read, still loving dinosaurs but other combat type figures and toys are a close second (like Transformers, Star Wars, Super Heros...), and he started Karate in Feb.

Kirra: Still flutting and flitting where ever she goes. She dances at the fist sound of music, sings her heart out in the car, asks to put on makeup everyday, riding her bike, and doing cartwheels over and over and over and over...

Jenna: Oh Jenna...I think I say this every day. Man she is a doosey. (Is that a word?) She NEVER stops, before it was just her feet now it's her words and her mischief. Jenna also started gymnastics and asks if it's her class about everyday. She picks a leotard out every morning...every morning. David just added that she says, "My do it." About 100 times per day. I mentioned on the Christmas card that if you cross her she'll let ya' have it, that has not stopped either.

We love them and you!
obwald 5