Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Africa pics and info

Hey all
Here is the Hope Rises website that has more pictures. Go to gallery. There are only a few with us in there but more to come. I left our camera in the car when we got to the airport. Big bummer but with 19 other people on the trip and 19 camera and 2 video cameras I think we were covered. So anyhoe i hav eyet to get copies into my computer, thus the delay.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jessica and Paul's wedding

The girls and I were in a wedding this past weekend. Here are a few photos. Jessica lived with our family the last year we were at FPU.

Just after the wedding. What a non-stressed smile.

David was the MC for the reception.

We went to a beautiful house in Reedley for the photos.

Bride's Maids and two of the three flower girls. (these are my girls and there was another Kira that is 4)

I am third from the L next to Jess. I had the best hair-do. Jess and I got our hair done at Amenities in Riverpark. What a treat!

My girls playing while pics were going on.

Jenna...sweetest thing (2 yrs 2 mo.)Kirra looks so beautiful with her hair up like the big girls. (4 yrs. 3 mo.)Sisters. We got some really great shots of them. We hope to blow some up and put in their room.

Our newest Addition!

This is the Obwald family of 5 adding a member from the SPCA. She's so small you can hardly see her in this picture. We introduce BISCUIT Obwald. :) This is not a joke.

This teeny-tiny puppy is a Pug Terrier. She is about 7 weeks old.

This is her new bed and her current space in the dining room.

Cutie Pie! We never did think we would be dog owners but we are looking forward to the fun she will bring. Potty training Jenna and Biscuit at the same time. What fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back from Africa

hey all
We're back and slowly getting adjusted to our normal life. If you did not already get a chance to see what went on while we were there visit the blog below to see and read about our trip.

pics from us to come