Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Big Fresno Fair

So after last year I said I would not go back for another Girl Scout patch...
well that didn't last.
Here we are, three little girls and one mommy with a very heavy backpack
full of water bottles. I am not about to spend $6 for one water.

Here is the girl's one treat.

We visited our friend's sheet in the Live Stock Pavilion.
Which head belongs to which sheep?

a little baby pig racing, one of my favorites

After 6 hours, we saw many things, consumed some fair food, smelled fair smells and left with one large patch for the vest.
'Til next year I guess :)

quill & ink

we have been studying early America for the past few months
one of the projects we were presented with was making our own ink from berries
and writing with a feather
(just like they did for writing the Declaration of Independence,
they may not have used berries)

it was so cool the kids really got into it

it worked really well

they all loved it
and so did I

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exploration Day::Woodward Park Field Trip

the kids are scoping out the creek that runs through Woodward Park (near the Japanese Garden)

even Karlie go to come

Cohl is mid-jump across the creek
they had a great time IN the creek
we talked about water flow
did a rub of leaves we found
and did a few sketches of what we saw
we followed the creek all the way through the park to the "lake"

{a fun time had by all}

some school projects

with our curriculum we have done some really fun projects so far

we made butter while studying the pioneers from Holland that came to North America
we discovered that adding salt to water can make thing float
we learned about the first explorations of North America and these famous ships

we are having so much fun and look forward to what's next