Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December PART 2

We were given a gingerbread house kit and had the most fun putting it together! (Not sure why this is underlined in blue)

These two pics are from our Servants Celebration at church. We all get dressed up and go for dinner and dancing. We got to learn a few new dances. This is our table. Two of these couples are with us at SE and one of them are great friends who are at the Maple Creek Multi-site.
It was really fun to get dressed up. Kirra put on makeup too. She never misses an opportunity. Gretch, notice the purse?? I am totally out of the fashion scene as far as getting dressed up goes. My dress, jewelry and shoes are all borrowed.

December in Review PART 1

Decorating our house for the first time was fun!
The final room makeover for the girls. Gosh they've got a lot of clothes to store.
Halfway through the process when David surprised me with a new digital camera to carry us through the holidays.
This is what the closet looked like before.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cohl's Fabulous Dino Quilt

My mom finished Cohl's quilt yesterday. Isn't it fabulous!!! Each dinosaur is hand made and designed and appliqued onto the front of the quilt. Each of them is also a different texture material. We love to have different textures on the quilts.
This T-Rex has a red eye and red yarn from the eye to the claw. This is to represent Red Claw which is a very mean dinosaur in one of the Land Before Time series.

This is the back of the quilt.

All ready for bed :)
Thanks mom for such a great quilt and such a ton of effort and time.