Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jenna and her comb-over

Our Baby Jenna is growing up. She is almost 7 months old and has grown quite a lot of hair. Most of her hair is in the form of a mohawk. David calls it a comb-over. So we stick it straight up on top with a bow. She is such a cutie-pie! She is easy-going, cuddly, obserrvant and a great eater!


Here we are. Cohl's first day of preschool. Westminster Christian Preschool.
playing on the play ground
What a cool giant slide. Cohl played on it the whole recess the first day.

Cohl wasn't quite sure what to do when this little girl climed on the teetter-totter.

Cohl and his teachers. Mrs. Laguna and Ms. Hancock.
All of the boys were playing in the block, truck and animal section of the room.
Then Cohl ventured into the writing station with Kirra.