Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Night

We made the kids a fort in the living room and they watched a movie til the fell asleep.

Fun Fun!

Much better way to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday...Disney on Ice with Nonna and Nonno

Pinewood Derby 2010

These are in reverse order from how they happened but it won't let me change it. So here goes... Cohl with Grandpa O'Hare (former cub scout) after his race.
This is all of the Tiger Cubs that entered. Tigers are 1st grade.
This is the digital screen they had up for the electronic track. You can see Cohl in the 1st place spot. For most of his races we did not know that his name was showing up on this screen, we were standing too far back. I was wondering how everyone (we knew no one there since we are new to scouting) knew cohl was winning most of the races.
This is Cohl receiving his 1st place trophy for the Tiger Cub races. After each grade raced the 1st and 2nd guys stayed for a race off out of all of the grades. Cohl gt 3rd place overall...pretty cool.
This is Cohl and the other Tiger cubs waiting at the end of the track for their race. See the zeros on the end of the track? They show the place when the nose of the car passes, then the results shoot onto the screen. Each car races each lane twice.

Overall a fun experience! Not bad for Cohl's first Pinewood car. He designed it, David cut it out, Cohl sanded it and painted it.

Happy Birthdays

The girls turned 3 (jenna) and 5 (kirra). They are the cutest with each other...most of the time.