Friday, April 29, 2011

Margaret Hudson Field Trip

this is Kirra soaking up each word Margaret says when she first steps out
to meet with our group

i organized a field trip to Margaret Hudson's home and studio. it was by far our best field trip yet. I was so impressed that first of all we were at her private residence and were given a two hour tour and art lesson by her. she is about 90 years old and
does an amazing job with the kids.

she explained this painting as one she did when she woke up in a bad mood. she asked the kids what they did when they were in a bad mood, if they thought they would get in trouble for it and then gave them the idea to paint or draw when they feel like that and see what comes of it...instead of, let's say, hit their brother.
what a good alternative

these are her amazing, huge paintings. I never knew she also painted.
these are all amazing in person

here she is showing the kids how to make a print and explained that if she made 30 prints of this and handed one out to each kid that they are all unique so there would be 30 outcomes

even in her old age she is active
here she is explaining something having to do with baseball

a rose was picked from her garden the day before, she sketched it

then each child got to go up and use chalk pastels to add their own color to the flower
Cohl is there in the middle in the dark grey shirt

Kirra is in the purple tank top

Jenna, alone, last because she had a bad fall the day before and scraped her knee so I had to carry her that whole trip

then...Margaret signed it and we got to take it home

[what a treat}

the field trip continued to her gardens and outside amphitheater where each child got a demo from her and then their very own piece of clay to mold

what a great day!


I just love this picture of Jenna. My littlest, sweetest girl.


I have been wanting to grow and donate my hair for a long time
{no pun intended}

so after two conscious years of growing off it came

here is before and after
braided, ready to chop
all gone
I was very nervous to have short hair. It was a disaster the last time I got it cut short. But it was time and I feel 10 lbs. lighter

My hair went to Wigs for Kids

Easter 2011

making of our traditional Italian Easter Bread
see more pics on my "other" blog

grandpa O'Hare and Cohl tackle Cohl's new 300 piece puzzle
this was right before most of us crashed for a nap

three kiddos after they found the Easter eggs in the yard
no candy this year, just coins to take to Legoland

so fun to get together

cousins kids
this is Kirra, Breanna and Jenna at the Coit Easter
they just call each other's easier that way

fun had by all
so much that I didn't take many pictures

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

most patient dog :: part two

this shirt she actually seems to like.
when Kirra gets it out she comes running and sits in front of Kirra
while she gets it ready to put on

too bad for Karlie that the Build-a-Bear clothes are just about the right size. The girls brought Karlie to me the other day with the complete outfit of shirt, skirt, underwear and backpack.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the most patient dog

for those of you who don't know, we got a dog as a Christmas present to our three kiddos this past year.
they were, and still are, over the moon about this little pooch

luckily we have
the most patient dog on the planet

check out this funny photo


Saturday, April 2, 2011

note to self...

...if your butane lighter is leaking...DON'T use it

the other day I was lighting a candle and the whole thing burst into flames right in my hand. it was leaking just a bit but I thought I would try it one more time.
when it went up in flames I tossed it into the dish drainer, then didn't know if it was one of those oil fire and water thing where it just gets bigger so I threw my flour on was out then relit 'cause the butane was still in there and on fire
so I took it out to the lawn in my now empty flour bin while I went back to tend the fire in my dish drainer.
my new place mat was on fire

this is the result

no damage to any person or the kitchen thank goodness!!
it was pretty scarry

Kirra @ Kiwanis

Girl Scout, Kirra, made a special visit to the Kiwanis Club with my dad. She got the pick out the ticket for the drawing...
...she also lead the whole group, about 60 adults, in the Pledge of Allegiance from the podium on the microphone. I almost cried. She did an amazing job. I thought she was about to burst into tears but instead said, "Will you please join me in the flag salute. I pledge...
Kirra sitting by Grandpa O'Hare at lunch
she got decked out for the occasion

about half was through she leaned over to me and said, "I want to join mom."
it was membership month

haha, what a sweet girl