Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Kids

We are having so much fun this summer in our new house, our new neighborhood and with new experiences.
I was just going to share a little about each of our kids and what they are like right now.

COHL--He is sharp as a whip! He is getting ready to go to Kindergarten, we have a count down going on (41 days away). Cohl loves computer games, doing word and number books pages, coloring if there is a point (like instructions or a puzzle), riding his bike and scooter, getting the mail, swimming, jumping off a diving board, diving for sunken toys, screeching in an incredibly high pitched sound, raaring at his sisters, saying Boo to Jenna, chasing around the house, eating olives and baby corn, climbing on his bunk bed, having his bedspread layed out just-right, having friends over to play, running through sprinklers...things like that. Cohl is also a great helper around the house but even more if he gets a coin to buy something from the store. Money just burns a hole in his pocket.

KIRRA--What a doll. I think I have said that before. She loves to dance, sing, do gymnastics, rock her dolls, wrap her dolls with blankets, talk to her dolls, dress her dolls, play with her doll house, play with little figurines, hug her sister, look at everyone's boo boos and tend to anyone who is hurt. She also LOVES all animals. I think she is going to be a vet. With her love of animals and tend to those who are injured or hurting it seems like a good fit. She loves to pick the same straw as Cohl, but with a purple cup instead of green like Cohl. She is a helper most of the time. A little more lately. She used to only want to wear pink. She has ventured into other color choices for clothing. She matches some of the time on her own. She loves her pink room.

JENNA--Wow, what a little girl. I think I say all day, "No Jenna get down. Jenna come back here. Jenna, careful. Oh Jenna, you'll be alright." The list goes on 'cause she NEVER stops moving...NEVER. She is b u s y! She loves to climb, run, swim, and climb some more! She is 17 months old and I don't even think I can count all of the words and phrases she days on a regular bases. Some of her most common are: Diego! Baby! She loves Dora and Diego and her Baby Signing Time videos. One that we love is when she falls (all day) she gets up and we ask her if she is OK and she says OK with a whimper. She thinks she is really funny. She runs around the house and we all laugh at her. She will also "duck" you. SHe learned one side of the duck duck goose game. She ducks you and then runs away. She eats like a horse and keeps up with Cohl. I have found her a few times climbed up to the table eating the leftovers from someone else's plate. Funny girl.

A snap shop of our kiddos right now. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a Weekend!

We had such a great 4th of July Weekend. (Ours was Friday and Sat.)

The whole fam showed up for a family BBQ after a long day of yard work.

Kirra learned how to do a backbend this past week at gymnastics. Yay Kirra!

This is a shot of the soon to be (in the fall) a wonderfully lanscaped front flower bed. We hope to put a tree, bark chips, plants etc. as well as some height.
David and his dad cleared this flower bed and broke up all of the concrete strip for more flowerbeds.
BEFORE: Front of house. All of the four trees against the house are gone, the two little trees (one pictured) with pink flowers are gone, the wagon wheel is gone, the cement squares around the pink trees are gone...that's what's done so far.
Also BEFORE: The rocks to the side of Kirra are soon to be gone and curvy flowerbeds put there too. That cement strip is gone too. The rocks farther behind Kirra are all gone too.
This piece of concrete also came up. That front strip of grass that is missing was put on the otherside of the driveway to fill in the squares that were vacated last month in the main front lawn. There were two little pink trees (see previous BEFORE pic) that we took out. Yay, progress! This strip will be a tree or two and flower beds too.
Marilyn and I cleared teh garage and in two days got it all organized and our van INSIDE! Yay, more progress!
Our clean and organized garage.

Our van in the garage!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We made homemade lemonade popcicles the other day and had them on the front lawn. We love to hang out in the front and get wet. :)
Kirra got a hair cut, almost 3 1/2
Cohl is so fun! almost 5
Jenna a little doll and did I mention future rock-climber, almost 1 1/2

Here We Are!

Here is the quick before and after of most of our rooms.

This is the BEFORE of when you first walk in the door and look to the right.
AFTER: It is now the dining room with wood laminate floor, very light green paint and new baseboards...the light will be chnaged one of these days.

This is the BEFORE of the hall bathroom, the master is pretty much the same.
AFTER: We painted the cabinets black and the walls tan.

This is the BEFORE sunken living room right inside the front door. I am standing in the previously pictured dining room.
AFTER: New carpet and paint, tan like the bathroom. Also new baseboards. No pictures on the walls yet.This is the BEFORE of the same room but looking at the fire place.AFTER: We painted it a dark gray and the seat of it is the baseboard color. We removed the small mantle and covered up the hole to the right (wood storage) with a book shelf and decor.
Both kids bedrooms BEFORE looked like this.
AFTER: New carpet and paint in both. This is the girls of course. No decor on the walls yet.

Here is Cohl on his new bunkbeds. His walls are the same tan and will soon be dcorated with dinosaur stuff.
More pics on the fam to come :)