Friday, March 5, 2010

Oldies but Goodies :)

What a blessing that my kids have gotten to know some of their great grandparents so well.

Grandpa Kay came to watch the kids in their gymnastics classes the other day. Fun times!

More pic to come from the year thus far. :)

What an Honor

I had the amazing privledge of being asked to be at the birth of these two little ones. They were actually due about 4 days apart but arrived in their own timing about 4 weeks apart. Both healthy, both beautiful! Thanks guys for letting me be a part...a true honor!
Little Allanna (bottom) Little Dylan (top)

Painting Fun

Instead of buying actual water color paper or water color books for the kids we have used card stock then I draw them a picture. It works great. The paper is thicker than copy paper but still pretty cheap.

This one below I snapped of Jenna without her paying attention to the camera. She has really started to be more precise and painting and coloring in the lines. What a cutie!

Picture updates for the year thus far

I made a teddy bear for my dear friend. She had her first baby, a son, earlier this year.
Cohl the Cub Scout. Super cute guy! Wow, so big.
The Salute
The Sign