Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Cambria for the kids first tide pools

They loved looking for creatures


Avila Beach
Auntie Lisa and Jenna


This was the best family vacation we have had! It was also the first with all three kids. We went to Pismo, Nipomo, Avila Beach and Cambria for the weekend.
Day 1: Pismo Pier
Day 1: Pismo beach

"Ready dad, let's go!"
Cohl loves to lay in the sand.

We did not make these. They must have had a contest earlier that day. There were about 8 sculptures.
Cohl was freezing, but unfortunatly unlike laying on the cement after a swim in the pool, the sand is not a good place to get warm. It took quite a bit of effort to get him cleaned off.
Uncle Todd and TrinityRight after this great pic that wave took Kirra out.


We have been swimming all sumer and I was so proud of Cohl when we were at a friend's birthday party he did his first jump off of a diving board and swam to David. GO COHL!


Grandma Alexander is 103 in two weeks. So we celebrated when David's sister visited last week. (This is David's mom's mom.) Okay...is she just the cutest thing ever, or what?!

Cohl and Jenna
Trinity (Lisa's daighter) and Kirra

We all went for a swim at FPU after lunch with grandma


Jenna is LOVING her new foods.
She was watching everything I ate or drank. So I tried giving her some and she dove in.
These are prunes.
"Keep it comin'mom!"