Saturday, May 3, 2008


5704 N. 8th Street
That is where you find us most weekends doing yard work. We are not living there yet but will be soon.

This is Jesse Penner that helped us with the house. Thanks Penner family!

Cute Kirra

Family BBQ a few weekends ago at The Well. They had face paint.

Special Dinner

Here the girls are all dressed up. David and Cohl planned a dinner and told all of the girls to dress up.

The menu consisted of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and orange juice. It was the cutest thing.

Two Wheel Bike Rider

Cohl decided one Sunday that he was ready to take his training wheels off. This is the first try.
After five days of practicing he is off on his own. I can't believe it.

Spring Lambs

Friends of friends had a few lambs born this spring. So our friends and all of our kids went to have a look-see.
It was really fun. Kirra LOVED it! I think she was the only kid to hold the lambs.

Cohl wasn't as sure. He watched from outside the pen. (Yes that is Cohl. He was growing out his hair. It is much shorter now.)
These are the older kids. From Left to Right: James, Kobe, Hudson, Hannah, Cohl and Kirra. Jenna, Julie and Andrew are in their strollers.Then they got to sit on a horse. Again Kirra loved it!This is Kirra and Kobe. This is who Kirra says she is going to marry. He is about 5 weeks older than her. We joked that this pic will go in the wedding video. haha