Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We had a wonderful time at Hume Lake with some fun family!
Uncle Jason, David, Kirra, and Uncle Herny went for a round of frisbee golf.
This is most of us stretched out INSIDE a fallen tree trunk at Grant's Grove. Pretty cool place.
Go Mom! We are climbing INSIDE a tree trunk.
Cohl climbed through about 4 times.
We all did it! And not one scrape.
This is the kids showing how dirty they got. Look closely at their faces and hands.
The Tallest Tree and us :)
Fun at the cabin before bed. The girls went upstairs and came down like this.
My mom and I took the girls horseback riding one morning while Cohl went to Day Camp at Hume. They did AWESOME!
Kirra's horse was named Bull Winkle. He was the laziest horse. My mom really had to pull him along. It was hilarious. Jenna's horse was named Willie. While Jenna was riding she said,"Mom, my horse is so big and I am so tiny."

This bear was hanging on the wall right where you sit on the couch. Sort of hard to sit right under it. Raaar!

All in all, GREAT vacation!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cohl's First Official Sunbird Soccer Camp

Here he is on the first day wearing his jersey from his Kindergarten year boasting his dad's number! So proud!
Learning some new skills.
Stepping on the ball, I think that this is one of his favorites followed by the pull back. He is so much more aggressive than he was last time he played. He used to run next to the play or near it but never in the out now, here comes Cohl.

4th of July Block Party

Here are all of the kids lined up with their ice cream sundaes.
Erin O and Erin J at Ice Cream Central.

After the fabulous fireworks show put on by Hale and David the kids got to try out sparklers.
Jenna touched the end of hers...bummer! Hey dad's side of the family, remember when I did that when I was 4 at the Coit's?? I do!

The Obwald's 1st Camping Trip

All packed up and ready to goooooooo! We were packed to our max in "The Swagger Wagon"'s the swagger wagon :)
A day at the lake with friends is the best! This is Gretch, Kirra and Jenna playing in the sand. It is so fun that my girls have a sweet friend named Gretchen just like their mom! Ahhhh.

Some of the kids (5 out of 15)
Some of the guys (5 out of 8)
Some of the ladies (6 out of 8)

First time sleeping in a tent. Thanks to our friend Pam we had the best tent that fit all of us snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug. It usually takes the girls for--ever! to go to sleep at night, camping was no exception...not to mention that it was very hot and sticky even with the vents in the sides of the tent open.

They loved to play on the rocks, the rocks won some of the time though. Jenna ended up with two big scrapes and Kirra with one.

Oh yay, we get a picture together!

Erin B and Erin O with our matching hats.

Here is the whole gang. Eight families...8 moms, 8 dads, 15 kids, lots of ants and lots of fun! Thanks everyone for making it the best one night camping trip ever! Ha!

First Grade Finished!

For Cohl's end of the year trip David took him to Pismo for surfing. Here they are searching for sand crabs.

My two guys, so cute!

The girl's cutie-patootie pillows

I used about 7 fabrics and tons of fun ribbon and trim to make these fun and bright pillows for their rooms. This top one is Jenna's.

This one is Kirra's

This is Kirra's bed (lime green quilt with polka dot sheets)

This is Jenna's (bubblegum pink quilt with striped sheets)
Their large letters that will hang near their bed instead of a head board will match the pillow.
I can't wait until it is all finished...stay tuned.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kid's Room Make-Over

This is a quick look at Cohl's room. We are so excited about how it turned out. I still need to figure out the shelves but I love it!
Notice the new Lava Lamp...
With the girl's room we went BOLD! Medium to dark Teal, new white beds and pink and lime quilts. I also have some great fabric that coordinates all of the colors together for a pillow for each of their beds and a vallence. More to come :)

Behind the Scenes @ the Zoo::Hallmark School Fieldtrip

That was our attempt at a self shot
They are getting soooooo big!

We were able to get so close to the elephants and watch their trainers feed them. Definitely a highlight!
This is something like a Pig-nosed Sea Turtle. I don't remember the correct name but look closely at the looks like a snout.

This was super cool! We were inside the "inner room" of the reptile house where they do all of the feeding and caring for the reptiles.
We found these monkeys at the monkey exhibit, they must have escaped.

Backyard Fun

The backyard definitely got an upgrade. Thanks to all of you that helped! Unfortunately right now it is way too hot to enjoy with the exception of early morning due to the 100 degree temp