Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Been Too Long

Hi there family and friends that have probably forgotten that we ever had a blog...well in all that is going on for us right now and in the last few months the blog has graciously taken a way way back seat to house and family changes.
Here are a few update pictures...

we moved into a house we absolutely LOVE in SE Fresno at the end of January

we have had a lot of fun this year with homeschool and friends
{Valentine's Day party}

we have made several trips to Ripon, CA to see the little guy we have been matched with
we have really enjoyed getting to know him
we spent two weekends traveling to visit him and last weekend he came to stay with us

this is the first weekend David and I met {J}

{J} drew this picture for us and gave it to us the first weekend we got to hang out with him

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colleen banman said...

welcome back:) love you!